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An intergovernmental organisation, the ISSN International Centre is comprised of international bodies that govern its operations.

  • General Assembly
  • Governing Board
  • Directors’ meetings

General Assembly

The General Assembly meets every two years.

Its main missions include:
- defining the general orientations of the ISSN International Centre’s activities,
– electing the members of the Governing Board, and
365bet投注网 – establishing the amount of member States’ contributions.

It includes:
– a representative from each State that has acceded to the ISSN International Centre’s Statutes, including the host State, and
– the representative of the Director General of UNESCO.

The host State is the one where the ISSN International Centre carries out its activities. From the outset this has been France.

Governing Board

365bet投注网The Governing Board meets once a year in an ordinary session.

Its main missions include:
– establishing the programmes and directives for the ISSN International Centre’s work,
– adopting the International Centre’s work programme and budget, and
365bet投注网 – approving the International Centre Director’s annual report.

It includes:
– a representative of the host State,
– a representative of the Director General of UNESCO, and
365bet投注网 – 10 representatives of States that have acceded to the ISSN International Centre’s Statutes, who are elected by the General Assembly. The representatives’ term of office is renewable every two years.

Please click on this link to see the list of the ISSN Governing Board members (elected in June 2020)

Directors’ meetings

The meetings of directors of ISSN National Centres are held every year.

They are used to:
–  exchange technical experience,
–  consult before taking technical decisions, and
365bet投注网 –  discuss subjects concerning coordination and communication.

They are organised by the host institutions that host the ISSN National Centres.

(click here to see the List of Directors’ Meetings  since 1974)